Upsurge is a multiplayer FFA flight combat game set in a futuristic city. It was developed as a school project during 4 weeks. The goal of the game is to reach level 5 by killing the opponents. I was responsible for creating the level design and art. I also implemented VFX via visual scripting.

The level is intended for 4-6 players. It was a challange to design the map as the players can move in all three dimensions. The most vital part of the map is the two center buildings that the rest of the level is built around. All paths lead to the center of the map which is filled with cover. Cover is extremly important in this game as the player will easily get shot down otherwise.

Transportation fans serve as high risk cover. It is a very effective way to escape people chasing you but the risk of you crashing into the spinning blades is very high. The location of the fans are carefully placed in such a way that the player will always be lead into the level again.

We colour coded the enviroment with signs of different colours to make sure the player would not get lost. The level is divided into red, green, purple and blue districts. It was difficult to use a normal landmark as the player can turn in any direction and this was our solution.

Modular assets

These are all the assets that were used to create the city. As it was a 4 week project, building smart assets was important. I was deeply involved with the design and shape of the assets to create modular parts with the help of the 3D artists. We used splines for cables and pipes to speed up the workflow. After we built the city we exported and combined larger parts in  Maya to optimize the level.

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