Starwars Battlefront 2


Starwars was a very large project and I hand my hands in many parts. I created levels, designed game modes and did a lot of general scripting on levels and gamemodes. I worked together with artists on the levels, and with two other designers on the gamemodes. I am very proud of the work me and my colleagues put into our parts.

Level design


I worked on the tree level on Kashyyyk, as the sole level designer. I whiteboxed, playtested and iterated on the level to completion. This was supposed to be tailored towards unique modes, that I was also part of making. It went through multiple changes and adaptions because the modes were hard to nail down.

I placed every platfrom in the playable space, keeping in mind the requirements. Good gameplay and flow, but also placing them in a realistic and balanced manner. Not to mention trying to keep it true to the shots you see in the film


I became the main level designer on Kamino from an early blockout stage. It was quite the challange as the map was very large and filled with odd angles. A lot of scripting work, with switching phases and spawns, as well working with narrative, balancing and level events.


The original level designer went on parental leave, leaving it right after the initial blockout was done. I iterated on the level from there, adding a vertical element and scripted the logic between phase switching. This level had a lot of "living" creatures, vehicles and similar that was challange to get working with the layout.


I worked on the hangar and powercore room as the sole level designer. It was fairly strict and followed the references for the most part, only a few things changed. It was more about making it feel good to play in with asset placements and how large areas was.

During the E3 rush I worked a bit on the thoneroom for Naboo as well, along with other level designers, lead by Peter Forsman. The big challange was fitting 40 players in a very tight space, and all the problems that came with it.

Game Design

We were a small 3 man team tasked with creating 3 gamemodes from scratch. Heroes vs villains, Strike and Blast. We were responsible for designing these modes, implementing and playtesting them.

Heroes vs Villains

Creating a heroes vs villains mode proved to be a complicated task as most maps were reused, the levels would not support strategy from a layout standpoint. The heroes were balanced for another mode, making them unbalanced in this "VS" mode. We tried many different designs, but finally landed on one that would fit with these requirements. Today, it is the second most played mode in starwars.


Strike was supposed to be a "narratively dynamic mode" with lots of different types of modes for each map. At launch we released "bomb rush" and "delivery". This in of itself was two modes that needed balancing and scripting. After mutiple itterations found a mode that was targeted to the players who don't like the chaos of the big modes.


Blast was the classic TDM gamemode. We experimented with different setups, but realised that some people just want vanilla TDM. The biggest difficulty here was syncing the spawns with arcade, our offline modes made by Criterion.

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