My work on Battlefield V was mainly on the Singleplayer campaign, focusing on The Last Tiger warstory:

Spring, 1945 nearing the end of the war. Germany is slowly losing grip of the Rhine-Ruhr region and sends in their remaining forces. You take control of the revered Tiger tank -"Stefan"- as it's commander with the goal to take back their fatherland. My level was the second in the warstory, starting with the Tiger fleeing from "Tankbuster planes" and US convoys. As all other warstories, the VO was in the native tounge of the setting, German.

Level Design - Highlights

The power fantasy in the beginning of the level was taken to an extreme, to make the player feel comfortable and safe, right before introducing a new threat. The tankbuster planes. One of the few dangers to the armoured tank. 

The pacing peaks, as the tank breaks down,

forcing the player to go on foot in the warzone. Infantry go from cannonfodder to a real threat.  Tanks that you previously taking on in droves are now horrifying.

After fighting through a military camp, the player

will finally reach their one method of dealing with the planes. The AA gun. You fight off three planes that has been a pain throughout the level

Once the planes are destroyed, enemies and vehicles pour into the military camp. Thankfully

your crew has gotten the tank working again, forcing you into a mad sprint towards the safety of the tank.

Finding the germans base taken over by enemy

forces, some documents can not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. Eventually you find the documents in the cold grip of the previous commander.

The church and main base of operations seems to have fallen. On your way you are intercepted and attacked with enemies firing volleys of rockets. Finding tactical cover and picking off enemies are vital to succsess

 Making the Tiger feel powerful was a very intentional choice, especially at the start of this level. To elevate this feeling, scripting and setting up on foot soldiers as a more ambient part of the level was key.


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