Projects & Gamejams & Stuff!

Welcome to my little hive of scum and unfinished projects. I believe all projects are like the bricks of the house that is a designer. The good and the bad. It all adds up. So here is a mix of what makes me, me.   


The creation of a two day gamejam, with only me and my partner.  Made in  ue4, with a modular and efficient mindset we created something fairly big with a small team.

Irrbloss is a relaxing experince where you explore an ancient underground forest, invaded by twisted machines.  Can you save the wisps from certain doom and open the gate?


Two day gamejam with a team of three. We created one solid mechanic that could be reused on multiple puzzles.   Visual style was inspired by an unknown artist.

Nyft is a puzzle game where you control two entities that can swap places at the press of a button. You awake in a dark tomb, but why now? And who are you two really? 


Spent a week in spain and it was way too hot. So what did I do? Ofcourse I sat indoors and made a small prototype game!  Art taken from: Clement Dartigues.

The last summer explores interactive stories and tries to blur the line between a comic and novel. Read about the childhood friends reuniting and bonding before it's too late.


Since they have changed the worktest I thought I'd post some of it here. It was made during a week, with loads of junkfood to fuel me.  Modular art assets from ue4 (assembled by me).  All else made by me.

An abandoned ship floats near Venus with no lifeforms detected. But why did it shut down? It looks perfectly fine.   


I was bored and wanted to experiment with physics, is that not how all great things start? Before I knew it the ugly gray ball and the envionment was given texture in a strike of inspiration. Less than a days work. 

The small little ball wonders how big the world is.  One day it finds the courage, using only a pogostick leg to find out! 




My first "real" game project. I tried to start up a group to create a game in our freetime. And hey, we got pretty far for being in highschool! I used to sketch and make comics about this raindrop and turned it into a game.  Thanks  to the talanted; Emelie Johansson for the illustrations.


What happens when a raindrop comes crashing? Use your trusty umbrella to reuinite with your family in the clouds! 


I've always wanted to learn  more about texturing and substance painter. To get a smooth start I textured csgo  weapons, imported  and rendered them ingame.

You may ask why I made one of these skins. I ask myself that to this very day, a joke gone too far, a valuable lesson on it's own!

Confused Life C++

This is in a way where I started back in highschool. This is the first group project of our programming class, made together with one other programmer. It's an awful game but still holds a special place in my heart, with the immature naming conventions of two old friends!

Some  games focuses on  the questions: Where/who are you? This game bluntly asks: Why are you?

Deformable Snow Shader



During Ygg our programmer created deformable snow, and I could not grasp how it worked. I recreated the game and the snow effect in unreal for learning purposes.


I also took a look at what  flaws the game had. One big problem was movment. Therefore I took the liberty of adding a snowboarding function on the flute (no animations though). Full game can be seen under portfolio tab!

Shader and lighting work


I've dabbled into the world of shaders and lighting recently, with a lot of help from people, online resources and assets. Finally I've been able to combine all of it into a dynamic lighting system including multi-coloured post proccess fog. One of the people who helped a lot was Jakob Gavelli, a shader mastermind.


The project itself is a pet project, one day it may see the light of day! 

Gravity shift

Gravity is one of those classic things you mess with as a designer. I tried to mess with it in new ways, using a plugin to do this  more easily.  Love working on this but blocking out a room upside down/sideways is confusing me on a whole new level.

The brown floors are the direction of gravity.  Can you figure out how to use it  to progress?