Hello there, I’m Oliver! I’m currently working at Hazelight in Stockholm, Sweden. Describing what kind of designer you are is not an easy task, but here is my attempt!

Growing up I was always fascinated by places and buildings. Their history, the culture that shaped them and the inhabitants of those spaces. I’m one of those rare people who look up in a city, taking a photo every third step for future usage. For a while, I wanted to be an architect.

That was until I realised that being an architect for games, a level designer, allows me to not only design fantastic spaces and places, but the experiences within those. Since that realisation I’ve never stopped pushing on within the games industry, be it AAA or indie.

Armed with an expertise in level design and game design, I can easily understand mechanics, their uses and pitfalls. I believe a level designer is a bridge between all the other disciplines and needs to communicate and understand everyone's needs within the team. All this while keeping in mind the players and target audiences needs.

When I’m not doing game development, you can usually find me playing D&D, drawing or in a deep philosophical discussion (we think) that usually ends with somebody screaming “semantics!”.


Level design & Scripting

+46 76 164 35 02